Does expert witness Rhonda Harper have any assistants or other staff working with her?

No. All work is completed by Rhonda Harper.

How does Rhonda Harper determine if she will take on a client as an expert witness?

After conflict checks, Rhonda Harper reviews the case to determine if: (1) the case has merit; (2) she agrees with expert's role within the legal strategy, and; (3) whether she has the expertise and availability to provide value.  Ms. Harper rejects about one-third of all cases presented to her.

Has Rhonda Harper, either personally or professionally, ever been sued or sued someone else?


Is Rhonda Harper an attorney?


Does Rhonda Harper LLC (i.e. Harper Expert Witness) carry professional insurance?


Has Rhonda Harper's work ever been restricted by the courts?

Unfortunately, in the 15 years Ms. Harper has worked with 100 law firm clients, and 200 projects, four have been excluded:

(1) One of four surveys for CTB v. Hog Slat was not allowed due to procedural error as the underlying raw data was no longer available on the survey platform as it had been completed 4 years prior to when being asked. A downloaded excel spreadsheet was available, but not accepted.

(2) Edward v. Tovey v. Nike - A survey was not completed although it was recommended the client. The opinion, without a survey, was not allowed.

(3) A likelihood of confusion survey for Phelan Holdings v. Rare Hospitality Management was not allowed as it was a forward survey, not a reverse survey. The client had made specific request for the forward survey due to being in a tourist area.

(4) A trade dress survey for YellowFin Yachts v. Barker Boatworks was not allowed due to the location of the survey, the International Yacht Show. Although our kiosk was open from 9am to 4pm during which time no alcohol was observed, alcohol was served somewhere else at the event leading to a remote possibility that a participant may have been impaired. In addition, the client had graphic images made of yacht profiles (i.e. sheer lines) made as it was impossible to get similar images of very expensive yachts.

In a separate case, Hayes v. Big Lots, Harper was fielded as a merchandising expert, having been responsible for in-store merchandising at both Walmart and VF Corporation. The judge decided that a 'shelf stocking safety' expert, not a merchandising expert, was needed and she did not testify.