Trademark Survey Process – Why It Takes So Long & Costs So Much

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What's Involved in Developing a Survey?

If you are in a case involving trademark infringement, chances are there will be a consumer survey involved. We're often asked what the trademark survey process entails. Why cane the survey take 4-6 weeks to complete? Why does it generally cost upwards of $30,000? Below is a process chart to help answer these questions. While it is only an overview and is therefore missing many details, it provides enough information to understand that it isn't as quick and easy as one might think.

Rhonda Harper - Expert Witness

Rhonda Harper is routinely retained to formulate expert surveys, conduct rebuttal critiques, or construct rebuttal surveys to show the potential difference in results with properly designed and executed surveys. She has extensive experience and a deep understanding of survey design, sampling, question construction, data analysis, and methodological pitfalls that introduce bias or systematic error.

Located in Dallas, TX, Rhonda Harper is a former Fortune 100 C-Suite Executive in marketing, branding, consumer research, strategy, licensing, and advertising. Also a former Adjunct Marketing Professor, she has been retained by more than 95 law firms since 2005. Ms. Harper has a focus on Trademark and Trade Dress Infringement, Misleading and Deceptive Advertising, Licensing, and Commercial Reasonableness cases. She has conducted  50+ intellectual property Lanham Act surveys, produced 75+ reports, been deposed 50+ times, and served in 20+ trials and arbitrations.