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Dallas Texas


Expert Witness

Retained by 95+ law firms since 2005, Ms. Harper is courtroom proven.


Ms. Harper's 30 year career includes serving as a Fortune 100 Chief Marketing Officer.

Academic and Author

Having authored two books, Ms. Harper MBA is a former Adjunct MBA Marketing Professor.

Trademark and Trade Dress Infringement | Misleading and Deceptive Advertising | Licensing | Consumer Privacy | Breach of Contract | Commercial Reasonableness | Merchandising

Retained by 95+ law firms, Rhonda Harper MBA has provided consulting and testimony in cases involving trademarks and trade dress, advertising, branding, promotion, consumer privacy, consumer perceptions and behavior, innovation, product development and product launches, market analysis, market research, share and size, marketing effectiveness, corporate and marketing strategy, media relations, public relations, communications, and packaging.

Located in Dallas, TX and serving clients nationwide, Ms. Harper is the Founder of AFTIPA, the only nationwide, independent, non-partisan political advertising fact checker and USA-source validator. She is a former Fortune 100 Marketing Officer and Adjunct Marketing Professor who has produced 75+ reports, been deposed 50+ times, and served in 20+ trials and arbitrations.

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Rhonda Harper Clients
Bodum USA, Inc. v. A Top New Casting, Inc. - $2 Million Win
Tinnus Enterprises, LLC and Zuru Ltd. v. Telebrands Corporation - $30 Million Win
B.A.G. Corporation v. Sheldon Containers Inc. - $90,000 Win